100% Gluten Free

We guarantee that all Auntie's products are completely gluten free and are produced in a 100% gluten free facility.


Made in Texas

Auntie's products are proudly manufactured and packaged in the USA in a 100% gluten free facility in New Braunfels, Texas.


Use "Cup for Cup"

Substitute Auntie's All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour in place of regular flour "cup for cup" in almost any recipe!


What People Are Saying About Auntie's:


"This is the new gold standard in flour for gluten free cooking. Auntie's flour eliminates the unpleasant taste and texture found in other gluten free products. I'll never eat gluten free any other way."

- Kelly, New Braunfuls, TX


"We love Auntie's! We can make all the recipes we used to love, and they taste even better! It's seriously a miracle flour and is a must have for any gluten free pantry."

- Rachel, Chicago, IL


"Thank you so much for this wonderful product. My sister and I both eat gluten free and the flours we've been using can't hold a candle to yours! I made cookies with Auntie's and my kids thought I had made them with wheat flour. It was wonderful.”

- Jill, Twin Fall, ID


"My family and I love your flour. My father was diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago and my mother basically had to relearn how to cook. I purchased a bag of Auntie’s for her to try and it’s been a huge success! Thank you for your help, and we love your product!”

- Scott, LA